Advantages of Laser Cut and CNC Machine Jewelry
  • Very light weight products.
  • Very fine filigree and complex designs can be created.
  • Very high surface finish is possible with a very high degree of accuracy.
  • Very high repeatability ensuring weights can be controlled.
  • No dies are required in these process so it speeds up the process from concept to creation stage.
  • Flexibility of dimensions, designing and sizes as it manufactured using CAD/CAM. No master required.
  • Speed of production since productivity is higher.
  • Melting: in case of cnc continuous casting is used in the melting process giving better surface finish.
  • No issue of porosity as better grain structure is there. In casting, problems of porosity are observed.
  • Use of gold tubes in production hence no solder is required for sizing. In casting, sizing of rings solder is required for brazing.
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